Broken Mac screen? Here are your options

When people buy a new Mac, they're entirely prepared to treat it well and never let anything bad ever happen to it. But unfortunately, accidents happen and your device will probably end up with some type of damage on top of the expected wear and tear. A lot of damage is rather easy and cost effective to repair, but a broken screen is a horse of a different color. 

Fixing a broken Mac screen will probably cost a good amount of money, but the quality of the repair you get from Apple and certified companies is insurmountable. 

Apple Care and protection plans

When you purchase a Mac, you are offered two different types of warranty. One is the standard, free Apple Care that gives you support by internet and phone for the first 90 days as well as a year of hardware warranty against malfunctioning components. The second option is a protection plan under Apple Care that is significantly lower in cost and lasts a full three years. This must be purchased within the first year of owning your Mac.

However, it is important to recognize that both of these services do not cover accidental damage because of its common occurrence and the wonderful folks at the Genius Bar probably won't believe that your screen randomly broke due to the durable material that was tested and approved. There's a slight chance that Apple will fix it without charging you hundreds of dollars, but it will probably be best to entrust your computer with an Apple-certified third party specialist.

If you or your company need help with a damaged Mac screen, reach out to MC Services today for professional Mac repair.