Beyond iOS 9: The 3 iPhone 6s features you can't find on any other iPhone

Hitting shelves just a week after Apple released its newest mobile operating system, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the only iPhones built to take full advantage of iOS 9. Not only do their powerful processors and more sensitive touch sensors give Apple's latest smartphones the capacity to achieve a faster and more immersive user experience than any previous generation of iPhone, but they allow them to interact with the operating system in new ways, unlocking features exclusive to the 6s series. 

Live Photos

Not only do the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come equipped with a 12-megapixel camera, but they can also bring their photos to life with a new feature called Live Photos. When users enable Live Photos in their Camera app, their iPhone 6s will begin capturing images and audio for just over a second before and after they actually take the picture. To make their Live Photos come to life, users simply press on the image in their camera roll. Live Photos animates the stored images into a flip book-like animation that plays almost as smoothly as video. Audio completes the experience, adding the lapping of waves to an ocean image or honking horns to a cityscape. Users can even set a Live Photo as their background, watching it come to life whenever they take their phone out of their pocket. 

3D Touch

Calling itself "the next generation of Multi-Touch," Apple's 3D Touch feature looks to revolutionize the way we interact with our phones' displays. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can sense how much pressure users apply when tapping (now called "pressing") the screen, responding with different actions for varying amounts of pressure. The functionality is primarily integrated into the new "Peek" and "Pop" actions, which enable users to preview, then open, links, emails and messages by adjusting the amount of pressure they apply to the screen, rather than lifting their fingers for a few separate touches. 3D Touch also opens the door to a multitude of single-touch options from the home screen, so users can initiate menus before even entering an app. When sensing 3D Touch, iPhones provide haptic feedback, subtly tapping users back so they not only see, but also feel, the results of their interaction. 

Faster Touch ID

Although not as experience-defining as Live Photos or 3D Touch, the newest iPhone line-up can also recognize your fingerprint up to two times as fast as previous models, and with far greater accuracy. While this won't be a major factor as you navigate your phone's apps, it makes using Apple Pay feel more natural and convenient. It might be just what Apple needs to turn first-time users of its cardless payment system into regulars. 

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