Application developers under the gun as Apple Watch launch looms

Apple's preparation for the launch of its new watch seeks to work out any possible kinks in applications that will be hosted on the wearable technology. Close to 20 developers have been migrating back and forth between their headquarters and Apple's labs in Sunnyvale, California in the days preceding the April 24th launch of the Apple Watch. According to the Financial Times, these app developers have been recruited directly by Apple to assure that its newest release will go over as smoothly as possible.

The Sunnyvale laboratory location is apparently one of the centers for the newest development projects undertaken by the technology giant. The publication AppleInsider has speculated that the project development for Apple's supposed smart car has taken place at this same facility.

Many of these developers have designed applications for Apple's current canon of devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The developmental process of redesigning the applications so that they can be used via the Apple Watch is the newest challenge for these technology consultants.

"Just from printing it all out and putting it on your wrist, you instantly realize, wow, this is a really small form factor," said Kyle Yugawa, a mobile application developer. "It's hard to judge that if you're starting and ending on your computer," he concluded.

Dealing with the effects of these applications on the battery life of the watch is the most pressing concern, according to developers. Synchronizing apps across different mobile devices proves to be another innate concern when developing Apple Watch applications that are already being used on iPhones.

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