Apple’s iOS 7 to get ‘flatter’ design

It is a well-known fact that people do not like change. Just look at what happens every time Facebook changes the look of its layout. Now, it appears that another popular platform could be getting a facelift.

Last week, this blog covered the announcement of Apple's 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference. Now, the rumors are starting to fly as to what may be part of the always popular keynote address, and at the top of the list is iOS 7.

What would be the newest iteration of the mobile device operating system, iOS 7 has been making headlines in recent weeks because of internal reports that it will feature a new design that includes less real-life texture, along with new email and calendar applications. Apple's design guru Jony Ive is in charge of the project and this would be the first real visual change to the platform since it was released in 2007.

With the overhaul, there are also rumors that the current development team is behind schedule for a possible WWDC teaser unveil and September launch – which is historically Apple's game plan, according to Bloomberg. Ive is said to be "methodically reviewing new designs, seeking to avoid a repeat of last year's release of map tools that were widely panned, and he's encouraging collaboration between the software and hardware divisions, which operated in silos under co-founder Steve Jobs."

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