Apple’s enterprise focus continues to grow

The use of Apple products in the enterprise has been an interesting conversation for some time. While products from the company, like the iPhone, iPad and iMac, have become critical business tools for many companies, Apple itself has traditionally not put much of a focus on this market. While the retail stores do have a business sales team, this area is not not overly represented.

However, according to a recent article from CITEworld, that could be changing. Ryan Faas, the author of the piece, wrote in response to comments by other tech bloggers that Apple should be doing more to improve its stance in the enterprise mobility management standpoint and that developers were complaining about this during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Faas completely disagrees and pointed to the fact that there were two sessions held specifically for the enterprise at this years WWDC. Because of non-disclosure agreements, the topics of those sessions is unknown, but the names of those presenting made it clear they were about managing Apple devices and applications for business and education use.

"Rather than ignoring the enterprise, it seems pretty clear that Apple is making iOS more secure and manageable than ever and that the company is listening to the needs and issues of its enterprise customers," wrote Faas.

The use of mobile devices is becoming a business staple in the current landscape. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration, any company can successfully add these gadgets to an office environment.