Applebee’s deploying 100,000 tablets to its U.S. locations

There is no question that poor service at a restaurant can ruin an otherwise enjoyable time. From slow delivery to incorrect orders, poor service leaves a bad taste in patrons mouths. However, some establishments are looking to revolutionize this aspect of the dining out experience through the use of tablets.

According to an article from Bloomberg Businessweek, Applebee's is adding more than 100,000 tablets to tables in 1,860 U.S. restaurants. This will allow patrons to place orders, play video games and pay the check, all without the help of a waiter or waitress.

Jay Johns, a senior vice president for DineEquity, which owns Applebee's and IHOP, was interviewed in the article and said that this move is being done to open up a new competitive edge. Tablets allow a new level of customization that is currently unavailable in these kinds of businesses. He added that the company is also working to close deals that would increase the amount of digital content that is available on the devices.

This is just another example of tablets making an impact on the restaurant industry. From high-end eateries using iPads for wine lists or menus to fast casual establishments setting up ordering stations next to the cash register to cut down on lines, there are many practical uses for tablets in the food industry.

With the help of a company that understands the power of tablets and can help implement a system and train employees on how to use it, any eatery can successfully run an iPad deployment.