Apple Watch Rumored to have Power Reserve

Smartphone users all share a common complaint regardless of who manufactures their device: battery life. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than waiting for an important text and having your phone die with no way to charge it. Finding a way to extend battery life would be a dream come true for all smartphone owners, iPhone users included.

Apple announced its Apple Watch at a presentation scheduled for March 9th. Since, it has had industry experts speculating about the impact of the features that will be offered on the device. The wearable technologies market is a new endeavor for the technological giant. It's uncharted territory for many of Apple's competitors as well as the emergence of these products has yet to be dubbed as a success.

Many people are adverse to wearing computers as a fashion statement. Some feel it's too lavish, others too impractical. The first wave of smart watches from Samsung and Motorola did not sell particularly well. User reviews indicate that these technologies are ripe with conceptual and practical issues.

"This is a brand-new category. Most people have no frame of reference with a smart watch," said Ben Bajarin​, who works as a consumer technology analyst at Creative Strategies.

With prices estimated to be at around $350, the Apple Watch could be a hard sell. However, the idea that the watch could act as a power reserve to charge a dying iPhone may change the tide on that forecast completely.

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