Apple upgrades device management systems

In the current business landscape, many organizations are facing challenges related to managing an array of mobile devices. Every employee seems to have their own devices and organizations are forced to implement ways to keep company data secure, while remaining efficient.

The iPhone and iPad are among the most popular devices on the market, but there has been a challenge when it comes to managing these devices in a corporate setting. This week, Apple unveiled through its IT deployment page, that it is improving its iOS management tools for enterprise and education.

A recent article from 9 To 5 Mac recapped the changes. They include:

Employee assignment – Traditionally, tech departments have to plug the devices into a computer to apply a specific profile with settings and restrictions. The new version allows companies to order pre-configured devices directly from Apple. This also locks the profile on. preventing employees from using it.

Remote access – The zero-touch configuration setup gives IT admins the ability to reconfigure and wipe corporate iPhones and iPads without ever needing to bring them into the office.

Volume purchase program – This allows organizations to buy iOS apps in bulk for deployed devices. End users can also requisition to buy specific applications, just as they would traditional software and hardware.

Updated Apple ID program – The company has also upgraded the under-13 Apple ID program which will make it easier for students to sign up for Apple's services on school devices, with parental consent. A new parent's guide was also published.

These are all steps that will help companies handle mobile devices. A Mac consulting firm can help any organization implement these solutions.