Apple unveils redesigned Mac Pro

Yesterday, during Apple's keynote address of the Worldwide Developers Conference, the company unveiled two new operating systems and a slew of hardware. While many people are talking about OS X Mavericks and the mobile platform iOS 7, there was a hardware announcement that arguably stole the show and will have an impact on any company that considers a Mac integration.

The Mac Pro has experienced the biggest facelift it has seen in some time, starting with ditching the large rectangular box for a sleek cylinder that is one-eighth the size of the current model. It comes with six 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 ports powered by three separate controllers. Each port can be daisy-chained for up to six devices.

There are also four USB 3 ports, a "unified thermal core," SSD connected directly to the PCIe interface and a single Intel Xeon E5 processor with up to 12 cores.

"The new Mac Pro is a machine that's geared for video editing, photo compositing, software development, computer-aided design, and other high-end computing chores where fast processors and copious amounts of memory are worth the extra cost," a CNET article reads.

The Mac Pro has also been a key machine for many businesses. Its increased computing power makes it the perfect machine to be at the center of a small company's network. While it will not be available until later this year and no price point has been released, it is not too early for companies to partner with an IT consultant to start adding Apple technology.

Check back with us tomorrow for a full breakdown of the rest of Apple's announcements and how they may change the way you do business.