Apple unveils Mac 30th anniversary ad

On Sunday, millions of Americans tuned into the Super Bow, excited for the game, the halftime show and the commercials. In many cases, the advertising becomes more talked about than the game as many companies try to debut new products and movies during this prime advertising space.

One company that revolutionized the Super Bowl ad was Apple. Its Macintosh "1984" commercial where a hammer was thrown through "big brother" has become iconic. Now, 30 years later, there was speculation that Apple would release another one to commemorate the anniversary. However, the game came and went and no such ad was aired – but that doesn't mean one wasn't shot.

This week, Apple posted an ad on its website that was shot on January 24, 2014 — 30 years after the Mac was introduced. The minute-and-a-half long video starts by saying with the goal of the Macintosh was "to put technology into the hands of the people."

According to the post, the company sent out 15 camera crews all over the world to capture different ways that people are using Apple technology on that day in their regular lives.

"From sunrise in Melbourne to nightfall in Los Angeles, they documented people doing amazing things with Apple products," the post reads. "They shot over 70 hours of footage — all with the iPhone 5s. Then it was edited and scored with an original soundtrack. Thanks to the power of the Mac and the innovations it has inspired, an effort that normally takes months was accomplished in a matter of days."

The video is a montage of people using Apple products to complete various tasks. These include students using iPads to learn, a person controlling a robot with an iPhone, an explorer with a MacBook Pro on their lap racing through the jungle in a jeep and a couple on the prairie using a MacBook Pro to look at the stairs.

The Mac has had a major impact on the world and the video is a great reminder of how what it is capable of. Many businesses are starting to embrace Apple computers as a way to improve operations. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration, any company can embrace this technology.