Apple unveils 128 GB iPad

One thing that Apple has been well known for in the last few years is secrecy. The internet is loaded with speculation about the company’s projects, new features and what industry they plan to revolutionize next. However, this week it was able to pull a fast one with its latest announcement.

Apple unveiled plans to sell a 128 GB version of its “iPad 4” starting on February 5. This will double the current storage cap of the popular tablet and give it the same amount as the smallest version of the MacBook Air. The retail price will be $799 for the Wi-Fi-only model and $929 for the addition of 4G capability.

This is a very interesting and important step for Apple as it takes one step closer to bridging the gap between tablet and traditional PC. The iPad has become a household name and by releasing a model that boasts the same amount of storage as a laptop, arguments against the tablet are fading away. It also increases the value of the devices in the corporate world.

“While we believe this represents a relatively minor change, we believe it could add some momentum to Apple’s efforts to displace traditional PCs in the enterprise longer term,” said Goldman Sachs’ Bill Shope in a blog post. “Indeed, Apple noted that virtually all of the Fortune 500 and over 85 percent of the Global 500 are currently deploying or testing the iPad.”

For any company that has been considering an iPad deployment, this announcement strengthens the case for the tablet as a business tool. This will also make IT consultants that specialize in Mac integration a more valuable resource for these businesses.