Apple taking steps to launch iRadio

Apple has released a number of different products over the years that started as consumer-oriented but have found a home in the business world. As a result, all of the tech giant's mobile devices can be seen as important business tools in offices around the country. Now, a new service that is rumored to be released this summer could be the next in line to follow the trend.

Apple is planning on releasing its streaming music service, believed to be called iRadio, this summer. Similar to the popular Pandora Internet Radio, iRadio will have Apple's signature flair on it and should be integrated with iTunes, allowing users to more easily purchase and download the songs that they enjoy.

The current questions being asked by technology experts, which were examined in a recent Forbes article, surround record labels and the user experience. Rumor is that Apple is offering a more lucrative deal to music executives to offer the songs and artists that users actually want to hear. The article cites "two people familiar with the negotiations" who say that Universal Music and Warner Music are close to signing deals.

Of course, if the user experience is no better, or worse, than Pandora, there is no reason for consumers to embrace it. The article speculates about the aforementioned download feature, which could lead to impulse buys. It also speculates that there will be a cleaner mobile interface and unique additions like song restart.

There are, however, other features from iTunes that businesses have taken advantage of, like iTunes U and podcasts, which could be brought over to the new service. There is the possibility for industry-specific programs to be broadcast 24/7 and live streaming shows that handle breaking news.

This is just another Apple product that could soon find a home in the business world, even if it is only used during the office mixer for entertainment purposes. Companies that have already taken part in a Mac integration will find no problem incorporating the system.