Apple struggling with iPad mini version two decisions

Over the last year, Apple has upgraded or redesigned a number of products that are at the core of what the company does. These include operating systems, mobile devices and computers. However, it has not released anything that could be considered "new" since 2010, when the first iPad was put on store shelves. While many products have gone through the refurbished cycle before, the iPad mini is gearing up for its first go around – and the upgrades could be significant.

According to a report from the Digitimes, Apple is set for a new iPad in September, but the mini version is on the drawing board and being adjusted. Citing a supply chain source, the article reports that company decision-makers are weighing a number of options.

The first is whether or not to incorporate a retina display. While many products have already taken this step, it could be avoided in the mini to protect battery life and maintain the lighter weight. If they were to go with the improved display, a product would not be released until the fourth quarter.

The other big change is the elimination of the bezel in the mini. This would be done to create an edge to edge screen, much like the iPhone. However, this would cause the tablet to be even smaller.

While all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, we have reached the time of year when Apple mobile hardware rumors reach a fever pitch before a September press event. Many of them will find their way into offices across the globe. With the help of an IT consultant that specializes in iPad deployment, it is easy to add these new gadgets to daily workflow.