Apple stock at an all-time high, growth expected to continue

It's been a busy time in Cupertino, as Apple has released updates for many of its signature hardware and software products, and successfully entered the mobile payments market with Apple Pay. The early returns have been overwhelmingly positive, and so has the company's performance on the stock market — the value of Apple's shares has been rising almost continuously for over a year, and closed last week at a record $105.08.

The return on investment is currently at 31 percent for the 2014 calendar year to date, five times more than the average of the S&P 500 index. Best of all, financial analysts expect that rise to continue over the coming months, as we inch closer to the as-yet unspecified release date of the Apple Watch early next year.

Because of Apple's unique image and loyal following, numbers show that the successful release of one product, such as the recent iPhone 6, leads to increased sales across the board. This is truer than ever now, because the company has revamped its smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, plus both of its operating systems, in the space of just a few weeks.

Apple Pay, a risky project because of its unprecedented scale, has exceeded expectations, with over one million credit cards activated in the first 72 hours. Apple's own finances are also very sound, virtually eliminating any concerns of an uncertain future.

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