Apple simplifies music recording with Music Memos for iOS


While on my morning train to work, I read in this post that this week, Apple released its latest free app in the form of Music Memos, a simple audio recorder designed to capture musical thoughts on-the-go. While not as robust as GarageBand (which also received a few fun updates this week), Music Memos offers musicians a more optimized set of features than the bare bones Voice Memos app many are used to turning to in a pinch.

From the moment it’s open, it’s clear Apple set out to provide musicians with a simple user experience with Music Memos. A single record button sits alone in the middle of the screen, awaiting a finger’s command to begin recording uncompressed audio. If your hands are full with an instrument, fear not! Music Memos will start recording automatically as soon it hears your first note, stopping as soon as it senses you’re done. With this feature, users can say goodbye to the awkward fumbling with their phones that tends to mark the start and finish of Voice Memo recordings.

At the end of the take, you’ll be able to see your recording at the bottom of the screen. Music Memos automatically marks off each measure, and even does its best to identify what chords you were playing at each stage of the song, both features that can be tweaked manually if need be.

Music Memos then feeds that information to its virtual backup band, which can provide drum and bass tracks to match the beat of your song with just a tap. If the beats aren’t exactly to your liking, there are several options for customization where you can adjust the volume, style and complexity to better suit your track. To make  further adjustments to your tune, Music Memos makes it easy to export the recording to GarageBand. Otherwise, if you like how it sounds, Music Memos can integrate with YouTube, SoundCloud or Apple Music Connect for quick sharing.

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