Apple poised for massive iPhone overhaul

Ever since Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, the company's smartphones have been built to feature a smooth, aluminum casing. Since then, while the device has updated its camera several times over, added a fingerprint scanner and introduced 3D Touch technology, its basic material has stayed the same. Now, new reports suggest Apple is ready to change all that. 

Sources within tech giant's supply chain have confirmed rumors that next year's iPhone model will be made entirely out of glass. The last iPhone to feature glass in its design was the iPhone 4s, whose glass panels were positioned around a metal frame. Unlike the 4s, reports Taiwan-based Catcher Technology – which has long built frames for the iPhone – the 2017 model will be constructed primarily out of glass. That being said, the details of the new design are still unclear. 

While some of Apple's rivals, Samsung and Sony, already produce smartphones sporting glass exteriors, Apple's would be unique, Forbes reported. Rather than use several glass panes, Apple may attempt to build the back of its phone using a single, large piece of glass. 

Not only is 2017's iPhone shaping up to look and feel different in the hands of its users, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests it could also differentiate itself with an all-new display. In a new report, Kuo says that Apple will ditch the traditional LCD display for one that uses innovative AMOLED technology to produce brighter, more vivid colors. The new display would reportedly be thinner and lighter than what can be achieved with current technology, potentially offsetting the additional weight expected from an all-glass form factor. 

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