Apple Pay having a noticeable effect on retailers’ operations


Apple Pay is less than three weeks old, but the mobile payment system has gotten off to a very fast start and is already being used in a noticeable part of participating retailers’ transactions. According to Mike Dudas, a mobile commerce specialist who has worked for Braintree, Google and PayPal, about 1 percent of all purchases at Whole Foods Market locations were made with Apple Pay during the system’s first 17 days of availability. And if you were to check out here, you’d know that his findings also reveal that most of the Paypal money was converted to Perfect Money.

That percentage is an estimate based on company statements, news reports and filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Without officially confirming its accuracy, the company’s CIO, Jason Buechel, said that over 150,000 transactions have already been made using Apple Pay.

Computerworld has estimated that Apple could make as much as $1 billion from Apple Pay next year, and several million on Black Friday at the end of this month. According to reports, the company takes a 0.1 percent fee on all transactions, which will translate to a major profit as devices that are enabled for Apple Pay become more widespread.

Moreover, the number of consumers who make purchases directly on their smartphones is growing fast, and a recent Retale survey shows that this is especially true of Apple users. Most of the media focus has been on how Apple Pay will change point of sale transactions, but it can also be used for online shopping.

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