Apple news: MacBook, Watch on the way as Apple Pay takes flight

After posting record financial results in the fourth quarter of 2014, Apple is gearing up for its next big release, the Apple Watch, which will begin shipping in April. As this blog reported last week, the company has made the fifth beta of iOS 8.2, which is expected to be the first version compatible with the Watch, available to developers. A more recent report states that Apple is already working on iOS 8.3, proving that they are taking extra care to make the Watch release as smooth as possible.

In several countries, including the U.S. and U.K., Apple has begun training employees at its retail stores specifically to prepare them for April. The company will reportedly use traditional jewelry store tactics in an effort to separate the Apple Watch from its other electronics.

One of the Watch's features will be Apple Pay, allowing wearers to make purchases without taking out their iPhones. The platform just got a major new partner in JetBlue, the first airline to adopt it. Passengers on flights between John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles and San Francisco international airports will be able to buy food and other amenities with Apple Pay starting immediately. The program will expand next month and include all JetBlue flights by June.

Apple is rumored to be planning a media event for February 24, at which it will unveil some minor updates. One of those could be a MacBook Air notebook with Intel Broadwell chips. This could be a prelude to an entirely new MacBook Air with HD Retina Display, expected at some point this year.

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