Apple News: Apple Innovates Ahead of Galaxy 6 Release

Companies across the technology sector have voyaged to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. Ahead of this event, Apple sent MC Services' invitations to many of those same parties encouraging them to attend a presentation scheduled for March 9. Industry experts expect the presentation to unveil Apple's plans for its contribution to the wearable technologies market. The company alluded to the development of this technology in September, and it has been greatly anticipated since.

Apple may have timed this presentation in order to steal the thunder of rival smartphone manufacturer Samsung. The Korean technology giant is expected to use the stage at the Mobile World Congress to unveil its developments of its range of Galaxy devices. That will include the iPhone's key rival: the upcoming Galaxy S 6. The forum will end only days before the Apple presentation on March 9, limiting the press time for those new products.

As the wearable technologies market demonstrates, Apple technologies' innately innovative nature transcends the realm of simple computer hardware. Apple aims to enter into the fashion market. Speculation exists that an entrance into the automobile market will be inevitable as rival technology behemoth Google has unveiled its plans to develop and eventually manufacture driverless cars. This, coupled with the recent ascent of Tesla within automotive manufacturing, makes the emergence of technology firms into automobile manufacturing a possible catalyst for a sea change within the industry.

The diversification of Apple's technologies makes having a resource that understands these products invaluable. MC Services provides Apple customers with expertise regarding the entirety of Apple's ever-expanding canon. By using Apple service professionals, a user can optimize his or her experience with whatever advice he or she wishes to enjoy.