Apple introduces new iPads and iMac

In a smaller-scale follow-up to its headline-grabbing event of last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced further innovations to the company's hardware product line at its Cupertino headquarters in front of employees and media members. The Silicon Valley giant presented two new iPads and a long-awaited upgrade to the iMac desktop computer.

The changes to the two tablets are focused on the software, while the designs are largely unaltered. The iPad Air 2 will keep the 9.7-inch screen but is slimmed down significantly from its predecessor. The camera has been equipped with all the upgrades that were introduced with the iPhone 6, such as burst mode, slow-motion video and time lapse. The other addition to the line is the iPad Mini 3. Both new tablets feature Touch ID technology, a necessary feature for Apple Pay, and will be released on October 24.

Cook announced that Apple's mobile payment system will arrive on October 20, along with the iOS 8.1 software update. American Express, MasterCard and Visa have signed up for the service, as have about 500 banks.

The new iMac and Mac Mini desktops will go on sale immediately, nearly two years after the last version. The iMac features a 27-inch screen with Retina Display, and both computers have been upgraded with faster processors and improved Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as the new OS X Yosemite.

A specialized Apple support company can help businesses make the most of these new products as the rollout continues into early next year, when the Apple Watch will go on sale. iPad and Mac consulting and deployment services are available for companies that choose to equip their workplaces with the latest innovations out of Cupertino.