Apple ID creation tool provides all users access to the iCloud

Back in early February, Apple launched its Apple ID creation tool. While existing users may not have been aware of this release, the impact of the tool has allowed the company to expand its cloud offering to users regardless of which device they are accessing it from. Allowing access to iWork via the iCloud for users that utilize Windows and Android operating systems further the nearly ubiquitous adoption of Apple apps. Before this release Apple IDs were only available to those using Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod devices.

Cloud access enables users with existing Apple IDs to have access to important personal or professional devices by simple accessing their iCloud account. The connectivity that cloud platforms provide allow their users to work at their greatest convenience. The importance of a strong cloud offering is essentially for promoting the adoption of mobile Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. While those tools are common place among smartphone and tablet users, many customers have purchased these products despite having a Windows based personal computer.

Apple's most iconic software, iTunes, has been able to be downloaded by users regardless of their operating system. As such, the music library is accessible to those on Windows and even Linux operating systems. The accessibility of iTunes led to its widespread popularity and the commercial success of its online music store.

Understanding how to use the iCloud may be a difficult task for those who have no previous experience with Apple apps. The IT consultants at MC services provide consumers with insight on how to optimize their experience with this cloud platform. In doing so, a user can improve the efficiency and accessibility of their work.