Apple granted patents for wireless charging

One of the biggest challenges that individuals deal with when it comes to mobility is keeping devices charged. Anyone with multiple computers, smartphones and tablets within a household knows what a tangled mess can be created at a charging station. This happens when charging cords are suddenly plugged into the same outlet.

According to a recent article from Forbes, Apple has been granted two patents that are related to wireless charging. These were filed two years ago by researchers and outline a system that allows a mouse, keyboard, iPhone and other mobile devices to be charged wirelessly through a Macbook Air when it is plugged into a power supply.

"The idea is that the computer would create 'a charging region' that would transfer wireless power 'to any number of suitably configured devices.' The technical term for this is 'near field magnetic resonance' or NFMR. "It would include an area about one meter wide," the article reports.

Wireless charging is far from being a new idea. Legendary inventor Nikola Tesla laid out the idea over a century ago. There are also a number of companies that have applied for patents that focus on some version of wireless charging. However, so far it has yet to catch on, which makes Apple's acquisition of these patents even more important because it's a company that has jump started a number of solutions that have become mainstream.

While it is unlikely that this feature will be available in the immediate future, it is something that could lead more people to start adopting Mac systems. An Apple support service can help any business get itself in the best position to adopt new hardware.