Apple granted 59 design and feature patents

Anyone who follows the business landscape is well aware that filing a patent may not lead to anything concrete. It is just a way to make sure all your bases are covered while you or your company is in the design or idea phase of a new project. In many cases, they do not materialize in any way or are granted years after the product or feature is officially on the shelf. However, it is always interesting to take a look at what some of the bigger organizations are filing or have been granted.

According to a recent article from CNet, Apple was granted 59 new patents this week. A number of them are of particular interest.

The first is Apple's Burst Mode camera feature, which was one of the key additions to the iPhone 5s built in cameras. It allows users to take 10 photos per second and is designed as the best way to capture faster movement. It takes advantage of the A7 processor and Apple's own image signal processor.

The second is Game Center. The is an application that is part of the core package on iOS and OS X. It tracks gaming exploits across titles and maintains leader boards. It also has social features. It was originally launched in 2010 and has become a bigger part of Apple's gaming future.

Other interesting patents granted include image browsing on an iPod, intelligent infrared remote pairing for the Apple TV remote and design patents on the iPad Air and the Siri logo/Icon.

Apple is constantly innovating and this is one of the biggest reasons why the company has been able to stay on top of the technology landscape. With the help of IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple support, any business will be able to stay updated on the latest changes.