Apple eyes new display technology for upcoming iPhones

The displays on Apple's more recent smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, boast all-new 3D Touch technology, which Apple calls "the next generation of Multi-Touch." According to new reports, Apple is wasting no time in exploring what could be the next revolution in smartphone screen technology, which could make its way into iPhones as soon as 2017.

A recent article published on cites multiple leaks and rumors suggesting Apple is looking to replace the LCD screens it has long used in its iPhones with displays powered by OLED technology. A switch to OLED would not only give new iPhones a wider viewing angle, better color reproduction and more vibrancy, but the OLED screens would be much more power efficient than their LCD predecessors. This could be the most important improvement considering the challenge of managing battery life on devices with ever-growing screens.

Although OLEDs can already be found in the newest TVs, Apple has hesitated in adopting the new displays over worries about the lifespan of OLED screens. However, Apple has recently published a series of patents detailing various tweaks to existing OLED technology that have apparently been enough for the iPhone company to overcome its qualms. A new report by Nikkei Asian Review claims Apple has notified its supply chain of the upcoming switch to OLED for iPhones released in the 2017/2018 smartphone season, according to Patently Apple.

Assuming Apple continues its pattern of releasing a newly-numbered iPhone with an overhauled external design in even-numbered years, with an S model boasting internal technological improvements the following year, the first iPhone to feature an OLED display would be the iPhone 7S.

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