Apple expands in-store repair capabilities

We have all known someone who has purchased a new mobile device like an iPhone and dropped it within a week. Now they are left with a shattered screen and the hope that they will be able to repair it as soon as possible.

For most people, this means a trip to the Apple Retail Store and the famous Genius Bar to get the device looked at and possibly replaced. However, according to a report from 9to5Mac, the retail store could be getting ready to expand its repair services significantly.

Currently, Apple Genii and Small Device Specialists can only handle screen replacements but special machinery is being rolled out that will allow them to handle a whole slew of new repairs in the store.

"The other items on the list of in-store replaceable parts are said to include volume buttons, the vibration engine, the rear-camera, the speaker system and the Home buttons — though in the latter case, it sounds like not on the iPhone 5s, which employs a more sophisticated Touch ID fingerprint button," the article reads. "The repairs should be free if you're covered under AppleCare."

This is good news for Apple fans as a whole, but the plan does have some drawbacks. For companies that have a proven Mac integration process, however, it means longer waits to get business critical devices looked at. This is where an IT consulting with that can handle repair of Apple products can become a valuable resource and help keep the companies' hardware running at top speed.