Apple cuts iPod prices

When this blog writes about Apple's mobile devices, the focus is typically on the iPhone and iPad. Today, however, there is news solely about the iPod that is worth talking about. According to an article from Computerworld, Apple has cut prices of the iPod Touch in the face of dipping sales numbers.

The device resembles an iPhone and has all the same features without the ability to make cellular calls. Some of the hardware specs are also a step behind the iPhone. Now, the 16GB model will start at $199, which is a 13 percent markdown. The 32GB model (dropped 17 percent to $249) and the 64GB model (dropped 25 percent to $299) have also experienced a price cut.

These price cuts have happened because sales of the device have been falling in recent years. In March of this year, for example, the company sold 2.7 million iPods, which is a decrease of 51 percent when compared to the same month the year previous. Total revenue from the device in Q1 of this year came in at $461 million, which is down 52 percent from the same time frame in 2013.

While Apple executives including CEO Tim Cook have acknowledged the slumping sales numbers, there does not seem to be a plan in place to phase out the device.

The are some companies that use the iPod as a tool. Apple itself used the device as the hardware for its EasyPay mobile cash registers that employees carry. With the help of an Apple support service, any company will be able to find a way to incorporate the device into operations.