Apple confirms September 10 press event

While it was considered a certainty for weeks now, Apple officially confirmed the September 10 press event yesterday when it sent out "bright" invitations to various media members. However, as with everything the company does, this simple card is raising more questions than answers.

The invite features the Apple logo set against several pastel-colored circles, which are on top of a solid white background. It features the tagline "This should brighten everyone's day." This simple design is sparking rampant speculation because it doesn't confirm anything but the date. However, some believe it could be hinting at several things.

First off is the colored circles, which are similar to the look and presentation of iOS 7, which was unveiled earlier this summer at the World Wide Developers Conference. This has sparked talk that any new devices that are unveiled at the event will be running the new operating system when they hit store shelves.

The use of the word "bright" has some believing that it could be a confirmation of the iPhone 5C (the cheaper, plastic version) and the gold and gray colors of the new iPhone that we discussed last week. While it is highly unlikely that the iPhone 5S will come in pastel colors similar to the iPod line, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the rumored cheaper iPhone could be available in multiple colors.

While being able to have an iPhone in pink or green may not change how it functions in a business sense, it could help boost sales, which means more devices in the hands of employees. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can help any organization implement them successfully for BYOD purposes.