Apple CEO Tim Cook stresses innovation during fireside chat

From its ground breaking Super Bowl commercial in 1984 to revolutionizing the music industry and introducing must-have products like the iPhone and iPad, Apple has innovated like no other company. Many people look at the business as a leader in several markets and it is easy to see why. Just look at how competitors are quick to copy following a new product or service launch.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook kicked of this morning’s 2013 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco with a fireside chat. Cook was interviewed by analyst Bill Shope and touched on a number of topics, including the company’s product, retail and growth strategies. But, it was his comments on innovation that were the most intriguing.

According to Cook, innovation is deeply embedded in Apple’s culture and is in the DNA of everything the company does. He noted that while many businesses look to change hardware, software or services, the “real magic” happens at the intersection of these areas.

He added that with people like Bob Mansfield and Jonny Ive – who Cook called the best designer in the world – helping to steer the ship, the Apple is ready to create more magical moments.

“I have never been more bullish on innovation at Apple,” said Cook.

It is because of innovation like this that more companies are switching to Apple and its family of products as the backbone of their technology infrastructures. Businesses of any size can partner with an IT consulting firm that is familiar with Mac integration to ensure they are able to fully embrace every product that will help them run more efficiently.