Apple announced new recycling program to start on Earth Day

With today being Earth Day, it is important to take a minute to consider the health of our planet and what we are doing to eliminate the threats that we create. Technology can fall into this category if it is not properly disposed of. An old battery from a laptop can do damage to the earth if it is just tossed in a landfill.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it has revamped its recycling program as a way to strengthen its environmental footprint. The new steps were made public in a redesigned environmental responsibility page.

The biggest change is that now in Apple retail stores, customers can bring in their older Apple products for "free, responsible recycling." Previously, the company only accepted iPods as part of the in-store recycling program, but other items could be recycled through the online store. In honor of Earth Day, consumers can receive a store gift card for products that can be reused if brought in today.

This new recycling program is available in cities and on the college campuses of 95 percent of the countries where Apple products are currently sold. Since the program was started in 1994, more than 421 million pounds of equipment have been diverted from landfills.

"We believe we must be accountable for every Apple product at every stage of its use," wrote Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environmental initiatives.

The company also updated its website with a better look at the environmental initiatives that the company is currently undertaking. 

Many companies are starting to take a more green approach to operations, and using technology from a company like Apple that has this focus can be a big draw. With the help of an Apple support service, any company can easily incorporate this technology.