A quick glance at iPad sales numbers

When it comes to the tablet market, the iPad is on top. However, there are some interesting shifts happening within that realm. With multiple versions now available, consumers have options and the choices they make are telling.

A recent article from ComputerWorld featured an interview with Michael Levin, the co-founder of Chicago-based Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). The organization surveyed 500 Apple customers to find out which model of the iPad they prefer, in an attempt to get an idea of what next week's Apple earnings call could reveal.

According to the numbers, sales of the aged iPad 2 are dropping because when looking for a cheaper version that still packs a punch, consumers are turning toward the iPad Mini.

"People moved up to the [iPad] Mini, especially the Mini with the Retina screen," Levin said. "The iPad Mini was not just a small iPad but also a cheap iPad. It was a means for people to get an iPad, both more portable and more affordable."

Much of the drop in sales numbers for most models of the iPad can be attributed to the release of the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display that were released at the tail end of the year. However, within several weeks of being on the shelves, these new models accounted for 57 percent of all Apple tablets purchased in the fourth quarter.

With more new tablets in the hands of consumers, many businesses are experiencing the bump as well. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in successful iPad deployment, any organization will be able to incorporate the device successfully.