A look at the latest Apple rumor mill

It's the time of year that many in the tech world have become very familiar with over the last few years – Apple new product rumor time. While the scuttlebutt is always entertaining – every blog seems to have an "inside man" or "person with knowledge of the situation" – we are most likely months away from any kind of formal announcement about the latest products and services.

Despite that, it is interesting to see what the consensus from the blogosphere is. The latest reports seem to have three main points: upgrading current product lines, a new "cheap" iPhone and a delay in the next version of the iOS operating system.

According to ComputerWorld, the latest version of the iPhone, possibly to be known as the iPhone 5S, will be similar to the current incarnation with only small structural changes and upgrades. It will most likely be unveiled around September. New versions of the iPad and iPad mini are expected as soon as a month after that.

The "cheap" version of the flagship smartphone could be seen this summer. A stripped down version of the iPhone will function much like the current model, but with lower specs. There is also the possibility of an expanded color palette for the devices outside of black and white.

The reports of iOS 7 falling behind are making news for the first time. According to tech blogger John Gruber, several engineers have been pulled off of the latest version of the computer operating system to focus on the mobile platform. On top of that, the new operating system is shrouded in mystery as rumors of a complete visual overhaul are starting to leak out. This could be related to Apple design guru Jony Ive taking over as the head of the company's UI late last year.

Regardless of what happens over the next few months, IT departments will need to be ready to for further Mac integration, which an experienced IT consulting firm can lend a hand with.