A brief recap of potential WWDC announcements

In just a few days, the eyes of the tech world will be on Apple, as CEO Tim Cook kicks off the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference with the keynote address. It will be broadcast live through a webcast available on Apple devices and a number of new products and services will likely be unveiled. What should we expect?

The definite

WWDC is all about software, and over the last few years has been the unveiling for the betas of Apple's latest operating systems for both the computer and mobile platforms. Because of this, is it almost certain that iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 will be revealed. This will include a showcase of some new features, designs and possible applications like the HealthBook for iOS that will help users monitor their health.

The likely

Software is only as good as the hardware that runs it. In the past, WWDC has seen the unveiling of some of the lesser pieces of hardware. For example, last year the dramatically resigned Mac Pro was unveiled.

The speculation is that new or refreshed iMacs could be on the docket, as well as the Mac Mini and Apple TV.

There could also be mention of the recent deal with Beats to let us in on what the plans are following the acquisition.

The pipe dream

As always, attendees hope to hear the words "one more thing…" where something brand new is unveiled. For the last few years this has been the iWatch. However, events have come and gone with no mention of this fabled product.

The address is scheduled to last two hours, so a lot will be packed into that time frame. We will have a full write-up of everything that is announced next week and how it will affect Apple support services moving forward.