5 tricks to give you better command of your Mac

Whether you're a new Mac user or a dedicated fan of OSX, Macs are full of shortcuts and clever functionality you might not know about. Below, we'll explore five lesser-known tricks you can use to unlock your Mac's potential. 

1. Silently change the volume

Whether you're giving a presentation, on a Skype call or simply don't like the little "blip" sound your computer makes when changing the volume, you can mute the indicator sound by holding "Shift" while using the volume keys. 

2. Merge windows in Finder

When you're moving files from one place to another, it's often helpful to open multiple locations at once in Finder. To keep from clumsily swapping back and forth between separate windows, group them all together using Window > Merge All Windows.

3. Add signatures in Preview

To avoid the hassle of having to print and scan documents to get your signature on them, you can simply add a handwritten signature to any form using Preview. Go to Preferences > Signatures and choose "Create Signature." Hold a white piece of paper with your signature on it up to your computer's camera and click "Accept" once it is recognized. Your signature will be saved locally for future use. 

4. Delete from the right

Many PC users who switch to Mac miss the distinct "Backspace" and "Delete" keys without realizing both functions also exist on their Mac. To delete text from the right side of the cursor, just hold "fn" while using the "delete" key.

5. Mute the startup tone

Much like with the volume keys, it can be frustrating to have your computer play a tone every time you boot it up, especially when someone else has the floor. Luckily, there's a simple fix for this too— just hold the mute button when you power up. 

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