5 must-have apps for Apple Pencil users

Unveiled alongside the iPad Pro this September, the Apple Pencil gives users the ability to write and draw on Cupertino's most powerful tablet with unprecedented accuracy. Equipped with a pressure-sensitive tip and packed full of gyrometers, the Apple Pencil responds to force and tilt in an effort to mimic the natural feel of a traditional pencil.

When the iPad Pro debuted, few apps were designed to take advantage of all that the Apple Pencil had to offer. Now, however, developers have begun enhancing their apps to get the most out of the Apple Pencil. Here are five of our favorites:

  • uMake: uMake goes beyond traditional tablet sketch apps to give creatives the ability to design in 3D. With uMake, designers can sketch on a 2D plane in a 3D space, bringing to life their more complex ideas in a powerful but intuitive app.
  • Paper: As its name suggests, Paper gives iPad owners the ability to write, draw, sketch, diagram and more on a blank canvas. More than just a free-form doodle app, Paper's swipe-to-style formatting and photo spotlight features give users the tools to both create informative notes and connect them to photos and diagrams, making paper more like a "wall of sticky notes" than a simple sketchbook.
  • Evernote: Evernote has long been one of the most popular productivity apps in the App Store, so it should come as no surprise that it was one of the first to remaster itself to take advantage of the Apple Pencil. With Evernote, users can create and collect notes, links, photos and more, syncing them across multiple devices and making them available for collaboration.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch: This sketchpad comes stocked with 13 tools, such as a graphite pencil, ink pen, markers and watercolor paintbrushes. Plus, as a member of the Adobe Suite it is easier than ever to import finished sketches for use in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC.
  • Complete Anatomy: A cloud-based 3D anatomy tool that lets users explore every layer of the body, Complete Anatomy hopes to transform the future of medical learning. With the Apple Pencil, users can alter models with innovative tools such as 3D Cut and Draw for an interactive dive into the depths of the human body.

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