4 ways Apple's newest iPad will change the way you do business

At its long-awaited annual press event on September 9, Apple unveiled the newest member of the iPad family— the iPad Pro. Slated for a November release, the iPad Pro hopes to revolutionize the way people do business more drastically than any piece of hardware since Steve Jobs presented the original iPad more than five and a half years ago, To do this, the iPad Pro offers users a new range of functionality with both improved software and hardware. In this post, we will introduce you to a few of the most exciting features Apple's newest tablet has to offer enterprise users. 

1. A larger display area

The iPad Pro boasts the largest screen of any iOS device, its 12.9-inch display dwarfing that of the 9.7-inch iPad Air. As wide as the iPad Air is tall, the Pro's screen is large enough to run two full-sized apps side-by-side in landscape mode. In addition to side-by-side multitasking, the iPad Pro also supports picture-in-picture mode as well as a slide-over multitasking feature to take advantage of the larger workspace. 

2. Three more speakers

While previous generations of iPads used one speaker and rumors about the iPad Pro suggested it might include two speakers, the new model will in fact project sound with four speakers. With one speaker on each corner, the iPad Pro's audio system automatically balances the sound depending on how a user is holding the iPad, adjusting along with the screen to provide accurate stereo sound. The improved speakers can also play up to three times louder than previous models, combining with stereo playback to give users a more immersive experience. 

3. Apple Pencil

To help users more accurately interact with the iPad Pro's larger display and to take better advantage of its A9X processor, which Apple claims is 1.8 times as fast as its predecessor, the iPad Pro is the first Apple tablet to be compatible with a stylus. Apple's stylus, dubbed the Apple Pencil, contains sensors that detect its motion and position relative to the display, adjusting its affect on the display in real-time. This information gives users unprecedented control over the Pencil. For example, they can use it as an accurate drawing tool, tilting it to produce finer or wider lines, just like a wood pencil. The Apple Pencil will be sold separately from the iPad Pro, available for $99. 

4. Smart Keyboard

In addition to the Pencil, Apple  unveiled another accessory that will improve enterprise users' productivity. The Smart Keyboard is a full-size keyboard that connects to the iPad Pro via three small, magnetic circles, which transmit power and data between the iPad and its keyboard. When the iPad is plugged in, iOS recognizes it and hides the on-screen keyboard for a more intuitive user interface. 

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