4 reasons why making the switch to the iPhone 7 is worth it

Despite annual releases, it can seem as though Apple are always releasing a new updated version of the iPhone. And it's likely that you've made the switch, only for a new model to arrive hot on its heels. As such, there's a decent chance that you've questioned more than once whether making the change, seemingly so often, is really worth it. While that answer surely varies between individuals, there are in fact a number of great reasons why making the switch to the iPhone 7 – released in the early fall of last year – is definitely worth it. Indeed, as stressed in an article from Tech Republic, making the change could be especially beneficial if you are a busy professional – working for or running your own dynamic company.

Are you not convinced that making the upgrade to the iPhone 7 is right for you? Read on to learn more about some of the major benefits of this exciting new product:

1. Improved camera
As reported by Tech Republic, the quality of the camera on the iPhone 7, when compared with its predecessor the iPhone 6, is a considerable step up. The source explained that the while the iPhone 6 had a rear camera that was 8MP, the rear camera on the iPhone7 is double at 12MP. Furthermore, as outlined by the Economic Times, camera users are able to select between telephoto lens and the wide angle lens. This is thanks to the fact that the device actually has two cameras that face toward the rear. 

This is a considerable advantage, the source noted, if you work in an industry where you need to routinely take photos on your phone. Even if the camera function on your phone is superfluous to your daily work life, having a high quality camera is no doubt a huge draw.

2. Larger battery
As reported by Jay McGregor, writing in Forbes, the iPhone 7 comes with a larger battery, allowing for greater running time before charging – the additional time is said to be roughly around two hours. This is a major bonus for users of the iPhone who have long critiqued the devices seemingly shorter battery life, especially when compared with competitors. McGregor noted that the increased battery size of the iPhone 7 comes at a small cost – the headphone jack has been removed to allow for the larger battery.

3. Greater Storage
According to Tech Republic, the iPhone 7 has much greater data storage capability, with the option for a maximum of 256 GB of storage. As the source stressed, the increase here is ideal if you utilize your phone for both work and pleasure. From social media sites such as Snapchat to your company's mobile CRM, the iPhone 7 can allow you to use it all with ease. 

4. Waterproof
Have you ever dropped your iPhone in a puddle, or perhaps in the toilet, only to find that split second under water has caused irreversible damage? Well with the iPhone 7, that is a worry of the past. The design, according to the Economic Times, is both waterproof and dustproof. Mcgregor offered caution, however. The waterproof feature doesn't hold up in salty water – so be sure to leave your phone on the beach the next time you feel like an ocean dip.

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