4 iOS apps to control your Mac remotely

With the introduction of Handoff in iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite and Apple's continuous expansion of iCloud, Macs and iPhones are working together now better than ever. While they can be used independently to access the same data, your iPhone can also act as a wireless controller to your Mac, adding functionality as well as convenience. Here are our 4 favorite apps that give your iPhone command over your Mac. 

1. Remote

Apple's free remote app turns iPads and iPhones into remote controls for iTunes on your computer or Apple TV. Remote uses Apple's Home Sharing capabilities to connect devices on the same Wi-Fi network. While limited to controlling other native Apple media players, the app gives users a distinctly Apple user-interface that is instantly familiar and easy to control.

2. TodayRemote

While Apple's Remote app is great for controlling other Apple programs, it is useless when it comes to third-party media players like Spotify. TodayRemote, on the other hand, can connect to a variety of popular music apps on your Mac. It also features optional Notification Center integration for iOS, making it quick and easy to find and control your Mac. 

3.  Knock

Knock allows users to unlock their Mac with just two taps on their iPhone or Apple Watch for a simple and secure alternative to typing in a password. Knock uses Bluetooth to connect your device with your Mac, which, while placing very little strain on the battery, can be inconvenient if you regularly use other Bluetooth gadgets like a speaker or keyboard. 

4. BTT Remote

BetterTouchTool, or BTT, transforms your iOS device into a remote multi-tool for your Mac. After installing the BTT app on their computer, you can use your iPhone or iPad as a wireless trackpad, keyboard or media controller as long as you remain connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

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