4 exciting ways iOS 9 will transform the way you use your Apple device

Since iOS 9 became available to beta users with Apple's first public beta in March, we have gotten sneak peeks of potential features the new operating system will bring to iPhones and iPads upon its general release this September. While iOS 9 looks and feels very similar to its predecessor, the changes it brings focus on intuitiveness. Here are some features that are sure to transform the way you use your Apple devices. 

Low Power Mode

Every smartphone user has found themselves lowering their brightness, turning off their mobile data or even turning on airplane mode to save those precious last few drops of battery life. With iOS 9, just turn on Low Power Mode and your iPhone or iPad will change its settings to maximize its battery life. In addition to the visual adaptations you might already know about to save battery, Low Power Mode also reduces or disables background app refresh and mail fetch, as well as other less obvious features, to save you as much juice as possible. 

Photo organization

In addition to the Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and Favorites folders, iOS 9's Photo app also includes a dedicated "Selfies" folder that is automatically filled with photos taken with the front-facing camera, and a "Screenshots" folder for images captured by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously. This kind of automatic organization is also built into iOS 9's Siri, who will be able to pull up pictures taken at specific times, like "photos from last weekend."

Back button

While iOS 8's application switcher made it easy to move back and forth between apps, iOS 9 does it one better with a simple "Back" button. The minimally invasive button will be located at the top-left corner of the screen, allowing users to go back to the previous app with just one touch. 

Searchable Setting app

Last, but certainly not least, iOS 9 allows users to search through the Settings app. Say "goodbye" to the days of scrolling through five menus before finding the customization options you were looking for. 

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