4 Apple Watch apps that bring the power of enterprise software to your wrist

With WatchOS 2, Apple gave its wearable device the much-sought after ability to run third-party apps. While many of the first non-native apps designed for Apple Watch were health apps that used the smartwatch's biometric sensors to give wearers real-time performance updates, the next wave of watch-specific apps can be characterized by its commitment to enterprise functionality. In this post, we identify some of our favorite apps that put business performance on our wrists for the first time. 

1. Microsoft OneDrive

While Microsoft and Apple have spent decades as rivals, recent collaborations suggest we are about to enter a new era of cooperation the between the two tech behemoths. The most recent byproduct of this partnership is the OneDrive app for Apple Watch. The OneDrive app allows users to flip through photo albums and view and delete pictures from their Watch face. While the app is convenient and easy-to-use, the Apple Watch's limited screen size makes it less than ideal for users who require any level of detail when referencing their snapshots. 

2. Slack

The enterprise communication tool trusted by more than a quarter million iOS users didn't take long to adapt its popular software to find a home on wrists in the workplace. Slack's Apple Watch app notifies users of unread messages and allows them to read and reply directly from their Watch by dictating a comment or choosing a preselected response.

3. Salesforce

With its Apple Watch app, Salesforce gives users helpful data in ways that is easy to consume on such a small device. Salesforce's Analytics Cloud program gives wearers relevant and timely data in easy-to-read dashboards and graphs. It even supports Handoff so that users can access the data seamlessly on both Apple Watch and iPhone. Voice Search capabilities make it easy to search for specific datasets on such a small device. 

4. PowerPoint Remote

In what is arguably the simplest enterprise app for Apple Watch, Microsoft delivers one of the most helpful use cases of wearable technology with its PowerPoint Remote app. Now, Apple Watch wearers can control their PowerPoint presentations directly from their wrists, eliminating the need for clunky presentation tools. Presenters not only navigate between slides, but they can view the current slide, see how much time has passed and keep track of the number of total slides. 

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