3 ways you could be working faster in High Sierra

Earlier this month, Macs got a facelift with the release of OS X High Sierra. Whether you are an early adopter of the new software or are holding out for now, there are a few important productivity-boosting features in High Sierra you should know about. For those of you already working on the new operating system, try using these tips to get more done in your day. For those of you who aren't perhaps these features will be enough to tip the scales. 

Work smarter in Split Screen mode

Tweaking application windows just right so you can reference both as you work, or switching between windows with CMD+Tab so furiously you worry it might become an involuntary tick? High Sierra allows you to easily snap two applications to either half of the screen for easy referencing. Whether you choose to type a document while referencing your research in Safari, or keep your Calendar on one side of the screen while responding to emails on the other, Split Screen View is a game-changer for those looking to not only work faster, but smarter. 

Sort through more with Spotlight Search

Mac's internal search bar, Spotlight Search, has long been able to launch apps, look up words or even do math problems. With High Sierra search is now more intuitive than ever, responding to natural language searches in not only Spotlight, but in Mail and Finder as well. For example, you can now search for "documents I worked on last week," "emails from dad," or "photos taken last summer." In High Sierra, Spotlight can also pull from more sources than ever, including stock prices, weather reports or sports scores. 

Organize your thoughts in Notes

For years, Apple's Notes app didn't offer users much more than a page where they could enter text (and, in later versions, drop in images). In High Sierra, Notes better resembles an empty notebook, where users have more freedom with what they enter onto the page. The new Notes supports even more types of media, including PDFs, videos and location snapshots from Maps. While Notes has always been a popular way for people to make lists, the updated app finally allows users to make checklists, allowing them to keep tabs on what they have and haven't completed. 

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