3 new features rumored to be part of the next iPhone

Although its release is likely still at least a year away, the conjecture has already began when it comes to Apple's next cellphone. There have been rumors associated with the release of nearly every version of the iPhone and speculators are particularly excited for the next version of iPhone because it will mark the 10-year anniversary of the first iPhone's release, according to Time. That – and the fact that Apple hasn't made any drastic changes to the iPhone since 2014 – is fueling a lot of speculation about the technology giant's next cellphone.

Here are three changes that tech professionals are predicting for the 2017 iPhone:

1. A wireless charging system
The iPhone released in 2016 boasted brand-new, wireless headphone technology. Tech professionals are optimistic that the wireless technology will extend to include charging capabilities. Some of Apple's competitors have already revealed the wireless-charging technology for other devices, and industry professionals believe it is not far in the future for the iPhone.

2. New and improved display
When it comes to screens, the latest technology is considered to be the organic light-emitting diode. While the OLED technology exists in some devices already, the iPhone is rumored to be the latest one to get OLED makeover. Displays using this OLED technology are brighter and more flexible, which makes them a little tougher to crack.

3. No more buttons to push
Consumers like the screens on their devices to be as big as possible. There is a rumor afloat that the next iPhone may feature a display that is made entirely of a screen. Instead of the "Home" button would be removed from the device and replaced with more screen area, according to Boy Genius Report. It is possible that Apple's Touch ID technology will be embedded in the glass screen itself.