10 impressive new capabilities of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is about to get a pretty big power boost with the new watch OS 2, the first notable platform update for wearable technology that will launch in autumn. Here are some of the additions that app developers will be including in the update:

  1. Passkit/Passbook. Before this update, Passkit technology was only available on the iPhone and then mirrored on the Watch. Now you can receive QR codes via notifications for concert tickets, flight passes and the like that immediately add to your Wallet.
  2. Outbound phone calls and texts. Directly dial numbers and send messages from within third-party apps.
  3. Pre-set text replies, maybe customizable. This enables you to reply to third-party notifications. Apple is considering adding a feature that allows users to edit/customize their own responses for flexible communication.
  4. Audio recording. watchOS 2 provides the ability to use the Apple Watch's built-in microphone to record audio. Use this to perform voice-to-text for messages, notes and more.
  5. Video. Play video clips that are about 10 seconds in length, which is great for breaking news clips and Vines. Apple has ensured that the videos will be displayed in good quality.
  6. Tether-free WiFi. You won't need to connect your Watch to your iPhone any longer – now it is capable of connecting to Wifi all on its own.
  7. Customizable faces. OS 2 will provide 10 custom faces for your Watch: time lapses of five cities and a rotating gallery of your own photos.
  8. Nightstand. Turn your Watch into an alarm clock! Display changes to horizontal and shows the time and charging level when touched.
  9. Email. You can now respond to emails directly from the Watch using verbal dictation, smart responses and emojis. However, whether you can edit responses and the allotted length is still unknown.
  10. Activation lock. A new security feature that is found on the iPhone and will require an iCloud Apple ID and password in order to turn on.

All of this can be a little tricky to figure out, especially because it's all on one little device. If you need help with your Apple Watch or any other devices, reach out to MC Services for the best technology consulting and Apple support.