All-in-one CRM

Finally, a CRM platform that’s both powerful and easy to use. Create delightful customer experiences. Have a delightful time doing it.

Marketing Automation & Email Templates

Business email templates & email marketing is a easy method of communication. Our channel gives you the possibility to create or use a current template. You can use templates as an introduction or new product or service when sending to both current and potential customers.

Storage of Digital Docs

With Digital Docs you can take photos of defective products, scenery, points of interest which is stored instantly on your account and seen back at the office. Take photos on a smart phone and the photo goes right into the account without having to copy/paste.


A process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data. Quite easy way to develop reporting, New Accounts, Opportunities, Prospects, Sales by Account, Rep, State, Track Expenses, Logins.

Meeting Scheduling

Get started scheduling meetings today – with a step-by-step walkthrough First, start in an account/contact, schedule follow-up and send an email all in one easy step.

Territory Management and Sales Teams

Manage your territory with an easy process by assigning and prioritizing groups of customers, prospects and areas. Territory management is a never-ending cycle where you must continuously evaluate, implement, assess and improve your action plan.

Task and Activity Tracking

Keep track of individual tasks and activities. Track and manage your tasks, projects, follow-ups. Shows up in accounts and on the dashboard.

Call Reporting

Create a call report daily, weekly, monthly to send to your direct report. Track your progress and activities with SalesTrackR™.

Account Classification

Accounts may be classified into different types of businesses. Allowing for mass emailing to different types of classifications of accounts. With SalesTrackR you can track different customers by types. Easy to add different classifications titles.

Trip Routing

Make the most of your daily planning, checking in on multiple clients in a given area with built in mapping.

Opportunity Tracking

The primary method of opportunity tracking is following and recording prospects and sales projections. Contacts are entered into system as an opportunity and you track progress through the system.

Instant Image Capture

Capture photos and the image is placed right into SalesTrackR. Voice to text identification. Fast, easy to use while on the road. Stores in our CRM and image is logged into the entire network.

Videos on Demand

Built into SalesTrackR is the ability to store locally/URL videos for demonstrations and product knowledge. Easy to add videos allows you to play at anytime.

Expense Tracking

Submit and manage expenses within SalesTrackR. This solution makes it easy to keep track of business expenses, organize important receipts, determine amounts and better understand/manage your expense report.

Other features:

  • Mobile Access:
    Seamless on-the-go access via smartphone or tablet with voice integration
  • Quotes
  • Business Card Capture and Entry
  • Digital Product Card
  • Sales Activity
  • Voice Annotations