Why the iPhone SE is worth a second look

When Apple released the iPhone SE earlier this year, it didn't receive nearly as much fanfare as most new models. Whether that's because it was unveiled at an unusual time of year (the SE came out in March, while most new iPhones are announced in September) or because of its irregular position in the iPhone lineup is unclear, but what we do know is that the SE is a powerful device that deserves a second look. 

In this post, we'll run through some of the iPhone Special Edition's most compelling features.

At a time when smartphone companies are creating devices with larger and larger screens, it might have seemed unusual for Apple to release a handset with just a 4-inch display. However, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the tech giant sold 30 million iPhones with 4-inch displays in 2015, suggesting there were still plenty of consumers who preferred the screen size. Its form factor means the iPhone SE fits in most pockets easier than the larger 6 and 6s models. Plus, it is far easier for users with small hands to hold the phone and reach to tap all parts of its display. 

The iPhone SE starts at just $399, making it the least expensive smartphone in Apple's lineup. At the same time, it includes many similar features and internal components as Apple's larger, more expensive phones. In that way, SE owners could take advantage of Apple's latest technology without having to succumb to a hefty price tag. 

One of the drawbacks of phones with larger displays is that they require more energy to light up. As a result, Apple's iPhone 6 and 6s series left something to be desired in terms of battery life. The iPhone SE doesn't have this problem. In fact, it even improves on its predecessor's (the iPhone 5s) battery life, making it the longest-lasting model on the shelves, according to the Wall Street Journal. This makes it ideal for business users who spend long hours on the go. 

While the SE might look a lot like the iPhone 5s on the outside, they couldn't be more different on the inside. The iPhone SE's processing power rivals that of the 6s, giving it twice the computing power and three times the graphics capacity as the 5s, according to Apple. 

So, while the iPhone SE may not support 3D Touch or sport the faster Touch ID 2, it remains one of Apple's most powerful and convenient phones to date. 

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