Why is Apple creating an internal medical team?

With Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference set to begin less than a month away, rumors of new products are guaranteed to pick up. However, there is still old speculation that continues to play a role in what techies hope the company is working on — the creation of the iWatch.

This rumor has been floating around for the last few years, but every Apple press event has come and gone with no announcement. The latest speculation is that the device will be more of a companion piece to the iPhone and iPad and will have a heavy focus on tracking the health of the user.

A recent article from Reuters, citing LinkedIn pages and sources who claim to have knowledge of Apple's plans, is reporting that the company is secretly hiring individuals with a medical background.

"The technology pacesetter has been quietly hiring a medical team made up of senior medical technology executives who previously worked in the biotech field," the article reads. "Most of the hires have some expertise in medical sensor technology, which could allow for Apple products to analyze everything from blood-sugar levels to heart rate."

The medical bandwagon has grown crowded in recent years as individual items like the FitBit has become popular. While the iWatch will undoubtedly act similar to this, the company is also rumored to be adding "HealthBook" – an application that is used to track multiple aspects of healthy living – into the next version of the mobile operating system and it will most likely be integrated with the iWatch.

Time will tell if any of this turns out to be true. With the help of an Apple support consultant, any company will be able to deploy the latest Mac creations in an effective way.