White paper claims Microsoft tablets are ready for enterprise deployment

Even though iPads have come to dominate the consumer market in the few years since being released, enterprise adoption of these tablets has not been as widespread, due to the significant investment businesses have to make in order to integrate them into their workflows.

Security, support and training are just some of the unique considerations involved with Apple products that enterprises need to keep in mind as they choose between them and Microsoft solutions.

Moor Insights & Strategy released a white paper on this topic, claiming that the addition of the Microsoft Surface into the marketplace could erode the three-year head start Apple had developed.

Still, Apple doesn't see it quite the same way.

"In Apple's Q2 2012 earnings call, [Apple CEO Tim] Cook said the iPad was enjoying 'rapid adoption' and the number of iPad tablets was more than tripling among Fortune 500 companies," PC World contributor Damon Poeter wrote in an analysis of the white paper. "Cook went on to say that 94 percent of the Fortune 500 and 75 percent of the Global 500 were testing or deploying iPads."

There are two factors that have played right into Apple's hands in the last few years:

  • The bring-your-own-device movement came around at just the right time, as the use of Apple products is more widespread among consumers that it is among enterprises. As we reported earlier this week, corporate employees will often use their own iPhones and iPads for work purposes.
  • The iPad is still the market leader and its costs are generally lower than comparable Microsoft tablets.

Whether an organization is considering iPad deployment – a more intricate process, due to the Apple operating system – or opts for Microsoft solutions, an expert in Apple or Windows integration is needed to make sure the process operates smoothly.