Wearable tech success hinges on software

Wearable technology is one of the most popular topics of conversation in the IT landscape. From the iWatch to Google Glass and everything in-between, it seems that every major technology company is putting out some kind of product that falls into this category.

However, none of them have taken off yet, despite a seemingly high demand market. According to a recent article from Computerworld, the reason for this is simple, it's about the software. Regardless of how sleek or fashionable the latest piece of wearable technology may look, if the software isn't functional or difficult to operate, individuals are not going to use it.

This is the case with any new piece of hardware that hits the market. Software can make or break the success of a system. There are countless examples of computers, game consoles and other electronic devices that have failed because of the software.

Julie Ask, a Forrester analyst, said that the success of this sector will hinge in the associated mobile app market and how effective it can handle the right data, insights and recommended actions.

This is why Apple's rumored iWatch has the best chance for success.

"Apple makes operating systems and applications," the article reads. "It understands that putting users first means great software must be combined with great devices. That's a lesson lost on cynical pretenders who think preemptive imitation and heavy marketing spell success."

All signs are pointing to the iWatch coming soon and Apple users will be sure to check it out. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Apple support, any business will be able to take advantage of what the device can do.