Touch screen could make its way to this year's MacBook Pro

Last year's MacBook redesign brought a new level of simplicity and sleek look to Apple's standard laptop. Showcasing a form factor even thinner than the MacBook Air, the 12-inch MacBook hinted at a new era of laptop computers poised to come out of Cupertino. Now, those same design concepts appear to be making their way to the MacBook Pro. 

The new top-tier laptop is reportedly getting a similar facelift before its release later this year. Citing venerable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 9 to 5 Mac reported that the new MacBook Pro will be significantly slimmer and sleeker than past models, and will sport a number of features never before seen on an Apple laptop. 

Perhaps the most exciting of these is an OLED touchscreen panel Kuo predicts will sit between the keyboard and display. Much like the way the iPhone's touch keyboard made smartphones more responsive and customizable, the touch strip on the MacBook Pro would allow users to set customizable buttons for individual apps. When you launch iTunes, for example, the familiar Play/Pause and volume controls might appear. But, once you switch over to your word processor, a new toolbar could appear that's just as easy to access as any keyboard shortcut. 

Second, 9 to 5 Mac reports that the new MacBook Pro could introduce TouchID technology to Apple's line of laptops. MacBook Pro owners would be able to use the built-in sensor to unlock their laptop, as well as potentially authorize payments within compatible apps and websites. 

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