Tim Cook teases ‘big plans’ for 2014

Earlier this week, we recapped the year that was for Apple and examined some rumors that could play a big role in the future of the company. With the rampant speculation that is always surrounding the technology giant, guessing what could be coming down the pipeline has almost become a national pastime. However, the company's top man has just added some gas to the fire.

Popular Apple blog 9to5Mac was able to get its hands on an internal memo that company CEO Tim Cook sent out to employees over the weekend. In the letter, Cook reflected on the products that were launched on 2013, charitable endeavors and efforts to improve workplace environments. It is the final paragraph, however, that has tech enthusiasts' attention.

"We have a lot to look forward to in 2014, including some big plans that we think customers are going to love," Cook wrote. "I am extremely proud to stand alongside you as we put innovation to work serving humankind's deepest values and highest aspirations. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world for the opportunity to work at this amazing company with all of you."

It is the "big plans" part that has many people asking questions. There are countless rumors out there of new products, features and services but are they the game changers that Cook appears to be hinting at? Time will tell, but now is the perfect time for companies to partner with an IT consulting company that specializes in Mac integration to ensure they are ready to handle the latest innovation.