The final rumor round-up before tomorrow’s Apple press event

On the eve of the latest Apple press event, it is time again to give a quick rundown of the rumor mill and what could be unveiled tomorrow when company CEO Tim Cook takes the stage in San Francisco. As the media invite said, Apple "still have a lot to cover," so what could it be?

The likely

The event should be headlined by a refresh to the iPad line. With the iPhones getting updated last month, the popular tablets should be the next in line. Exactly which features (fingerprint scanner, improved camera, retina display for the mini), color options (the highly sought after gold perhaps) and accessories (new smart covers) will be included is anyone's guess, but because these were included in the upgraded iPhone, it is safe to bet they would be included in the iPad as well.

The new mobile operating system, iOS 7, unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, has been on the market for a month now. OS X Mavericks, the computer operating system that was also unveiled during the annual WWDC​, has not been made public yet, but tomorrow should change that.

The possible

If Mavericks is presented, this should also mean new hardware will be made available to accompany the platform. The massively redesigned Mac Pro is already on many people's radar since a sneak peak was unveiled during WWDC and is likely to get a launch date tomorrow. However, it is also possible that the MacBook Pro line, Mac Mini and several of the accessories (Time Machine, Airport Express, Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Thunderbolt display) could see an update as well.

There is also the potential for software updates of the iLife packages so they are optimized for Mavericks. This could include the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), iPhoto and iMovie. The last big update here came in 2010 with a bundle of new features and the mobile versions have been upgraded, so even small tweaks could be possible.

The unlikely

This will also be some products and rumors that will be left for another date. There has been countless speculation about an iWatch and Apple Television Set. So far, it has been nothing but talk and even as other products hit the market, like the new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch​, these devices will most likely have separate unveiling events.

There will be plenty to talk about come tomorrow so please check back as we recap what Apple presents and talk about what it means for your business. Each new device, service, platform and piece of software will affect Mac integration and we can tell you how.